Saturday, June 4, 2011

Today was a Good Day

I'm starting to come around to "Chucktown." That's the nickname the locals have tagged to the city of Charleston. This city is absolutely gorgeous! I went on a drive downtown to meet some friends for lunch and  I will definitely be taking downtown on by foot tomorrow...SO MUCH TO DO!!

So like i said, I met some friends at Fleet Landing. At first glance I was like "who would eat here, and why?"
But the inside is so nautical and trendy, plus it's right on the water and near a port. I saw a huge cruise ship go by...wish I was on one right about now...

It was pretty chill when we arrived

I started off with this drink called a "Charleston Southern"....I won't tell you what I ended with ;)

My friend Christa and I chowed down on fried calamari and bruchetta with crab meat

So yummy! Charleston's cuisine is almost a popular as it's beaches and historic landmarks. DELICIOUS!

My homie Ondrea had muscles...I tried it...won't do that again...
Drinks, food, girl talk, and great weather....

On the way home I saw a beautiful bride and a carriage tour of the town.......

I will let you know how my trek downtown ends up tomorrow!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered.

One of my favorite landmarks in Charleston is the Ravenel Bridge...yes a bridge. It's soooo beautiful and architectural....all that! It's so high that my ears pop because of the elevation, so you can imagine how hesitant I was when saying yes to my co-workers idea of walking the ENTIRE thing at 8-ish this morning! Here's a little bit on the bridge via, yes you know it, Wikipedia:
The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, also known as the New Cooper River Bridge, is a cable-stayed bridge over the Cooper River in South Carolina, connecting downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant. The eight lane bridge satisfied the capacity of U.S. Route 17 when it opened in 2005 to replace two obsolete cantilever truss bridges. The bridge has a main span of 1,546 feet (471 m), the longest among cable-stayed bridges in the Western Hemisphere. -Wikipedia
Here is my view after we finished:

Better Pics:

There were so many people out and about this Sunday morning from all walks of life.  I kid you not there were a couple of 50+ year old men and women that had me re-thinking my workout plan.

I plan to jog this baby in the weeks ahead...if you don't see any know what!

Backtracking: Reggae on Sunday (two weekends ago)

So while Im just now getting to blogging, trust and beleive I have already taken steps in trying to create some type of social life in this city. I moved here with no connections AT ALL. Why not take a chance right?!
So I looked up things to do and came across a reggae concert at Shem Creek.

Ready to Reggae:

The Dream Merchants Youth Reggae Band and Dub Island and the Dubplates were the bands on deck for this event and all you needed was $5 donations. Why might you ask? Well, the proceeds went towards the 18 educational scholarships the Tanzanian Education Foundation gave this year and the 10 more they intend to give next year

 The weather was gorgeous...DESPITE the high winds that day! I was wearing a fedora for goodness sake and the fro was not about to be on display! :)

 There was caribbean food, drink specials, and live music all day. #winning :)

I promise to get better with the picture taking :)


The New Girl In Town...

It's been almost two months and I still sit and wonder how I made it out of Greenville, North Carolina. I mean well duh, yeah I got a new job and everything but if you would have asked me where I saw myself two months from now, about three months ago, it definitely would not be in Charleston, SC. This place is absolutely gorgeous and there is so much to do. One of the main reasons why I started this blog is because when you are in a new place, most of the time, you are overwhelmed with where to go, what to do, where to shop, where to get the point. So, I started this blog so that I could share the answers to those questions with all of you from my perspective of course. My hope is that this blog will cover all of the things I like to, sight see, party, and EAT! So jump aboard the "I'm new here" train with me I'm sure there will never be a dull moment....well I hope not anyways :)