Saturday, June 4, 2011

Today was a Good Day

I'm starting to come around to "Chucktown." That's the nickname the locals have tagged to the city of Charleston. This city is absolutely gorgeous! I went on a drive downtown to meet some friends for lunch and  I will definitely be taking downtown on by foot tomorrow...SO MUCH TO DO!!

So like i said, I met some friends at Fleet Landing. At first glance I was like "who would eat here, and why?"
But the inside is so nautical and trendy, plus it's right on the water and near a port. I saw a huge cruise ship go by...wish I was on one right about now...

It was pretty chill when we arrived

I started off with this drink called a "Charleston Southern"....I won't tell you what I ended with ;)

My friend Christa and I chowed down on fried calamari and bruchetta with crab meat

So yummy! Charleston's cuisine is almost a popular as it's beaches and historic landmarks. DELICIOUS!

My homie Ondrea had muscles...I tried it...won't do that again...
Drinks, food, girl talk, and great weather....

On the way home I saw a beautiful bride and a carriage tour of the town.......

I will let you know how my trek downtown ends up tomorrow!


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  1. OMG! That food looks amazing...We will have to make a visit to see you sometime soon. I leave for Canada (Montreal & Quebec) in about 10 more days...and when I return...I will be officially PT at MMC...yay...Glad to get a way! phone number is 252-227-5792 (the other one is good too).